Teeth Whitening

Simple, effective and easy to complete, teeth whitening is a common cosmetic dental treatment that can lighten the colour of your teeth up to eight shades.

The natural colour of our teeth can vary greatly, and food and drinks such as beetroot, soy sauce, coffee, alcohol and smoking all pose constant challenges to our tooths brightness. Through relatively inexpensive treatments, tooth whitening is a quick, easy solution to these challenges.

At Newtown Dental Care we have a specialist whitening kit which you can take home and complete in your own time over a two week period. First we will fit you with trays for your upper and lower jaw which you then just fill with the whitening solution and apply to your teeth. Opposed to in chair whitening, once you have these trays you can repeat the process as you require. All you will have to buy is the whitening solution.

Contact our helpful team to discuss tooth whitening options for you.

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